We are all artists at heart who weave their life into the beautiful colourful piece of art. A few of us go further and actually paint our visions. Lines and colours become our tools to weave spaces and shape our imagination into tangible.

Our life experiences enrich our imaginations, blank canvas becomes the creative realm where the striking palette of emotions is depicted with colours ! We immerse ourselves into splashes of colours, warm hues of red, yellow orange dance in mirth; black and greys subsume our darker side. The cool nature colours of green and blue bring out the calm and sometimes pathos; earthy browns give the sense of belonging. In the tints, shades and tones of all these colours, from the happiness of white to black of sorrow, with spaces that we paint and those left out, we rejoice ! With all the ‘rasas’ the human emotions that artists reflect on their canvas, we create, we regain hope.  All live their life in the colours of experiences, some of us, life becomes our painting.

We begin our excursions with a line, which evolves into structure of our work and defines our style. This line defines spaces, dimensions and creates the concept of our work. The space defines by the line is the breath of artwork. Space created or left out, positive and negative empowers the painting, conveys emotion and imparts momentum. Colours perceive the world for the artists and the viewer at the same. As bands of colours are applied over the canvas, they give immense energy and generate synergist emotions.  Colour without doubt is the fundamental element of painting.  The line, space and colours of all the fundamentals of art fascinate me the most.

Since the last few years, I have been exploring around these elements and have been enthralled by the questions like whether line creates the form or vice versa, and can we control space ? What is the aesthetics in paintings ? Can we convey through colours ? These queries became my obsession and by subject for the series of works. These explorations have led my work to utmost simplicity, almost towards visual abstraction.

In my current series of works, the explorations of my last few years and fundamentals of line, space and colour have defined abstractions that have transcended the physical experiences of the world. My architectural background imparts a definite structure to my works such that the coloured bands design structures, my paintings moving towards the third axis in depth.  With structured geometric compositions and restricted palette, my works become simplistic yet achieving remarkable eclecticism.  With vivid bold patches of bright warm hues against the greys, the drama is enhanced with stark contrast. My lines traverse a parallel trajectory and build energy. My works go beyond the surface of the canvas and reach out to the emotions of the viewer. 

After all, “Art is the only medium to express yourself, the language which reaches one and all.”